pérolas #2

27 de setembro de 2006

Pesquisando sobre o Etch, CDs custom, atualizações do Debian Installer e coisas relacionadas... um cidadão (que obviamente não sabe do que está falando) reclama sobre o instalador:

This installation process is WAY too hard for a non-IT person to install! Look at MEPIS or its older, but lesser brother Knoppix

They each have just one live-boot, fully GUI CD-ROM. You just insert CD and re-boot. No installation is needed and it runs from the CD. It does not use your hard drive unless you choose to install it--which is point & click!

An entire computer on one CD. Complete operating system, two office suites, internet, email (with spam filter & pgp encryption), graphics, publishing, games--everything!

That is what Desktop Debian needs to be popular! Well I have only used knoppix as a hdinstalled one making it a debian system, but it should be no harder than that. Takes 20 minutes to install and is no fuss. Why can't this be reused?

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