disputa de estilos técnicos

10 de outubro de 2006

Artigo bastante interessante, pra recomeçar a semana:

"They [os programadores] won't hesitate to incorporate the newest technology into critical parts of their current project, for no reason other than that it is 'cool', and all the other kids are doing it. They will be so intent on getting this new technology working, and overcoming the inevitable troubles that immature technologies bring, that there will be no time to spare for documentation of their effort. [...] Developers also know the organizational chaos that can result from too many changes in technical direction."

"[...] The mind set becomes one of constantly looking over the horizon for the next thing that might solve their software development woes. The expectation becomes 'Everything will be better once we switch to technology X.' [...]"

Praticamente o meu ambiente de trabalho... esse cara é um gênio.

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